1. 13: 30h. Departure from the hotel. Meeting point of all jeeps> "Panorama", where instruction is done by the group leader for safety during the event.
2. 14.00h. The route passes through Kranevo, Albena.
3. 14.15h. Arrival of Balchik Marina. Accommodation in 32 local yachts.
4. 14.30h. Yachting 1.30 hours with soft drinks on board / min. water, cola, orange /
5. 16.00h. Entry of tourists in jeeps. Entry in off-road route. Forcing rivers, forest. Air rifle shooting.
6. 17.30h. Meeting with bagpipes, warm bread and salt in the house of Todor in Osenovo. Bagpipes workshop cauldron for brandy. Dinner: salad, whole tomato, cucumber slice, slice of cheese. Mainly large chicken skewer, all boiled potato, bread, packaged wafer. Beverage-brandy, lemonade, white and red wine, beer.
Family program with bagpipe, drum, tambourine and ocarina. All tourists are captured in dance.
7. 19.00h. Departure.
8. 20.00h. Return on hotels.